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The best part of all. Driving the 928. These pages are all collected on the great drives that you can enjoy throughout Victoria and parts of NSW and SA. Sometimes not for the faint hearted but it's purely up to the individual how you approach the open road ahead of you.

I thought initially that after purchasing the car that it felt very balanced and confidence inspiring. It wasn't until I had the wheel alignment corrected to factory specs that I realised that the car was so much more than that. Have you ever owned a car that gives you a false sense of speed, well that's what the 928 feels like. You could be cruising along quite happily not noticing that you are some 50 to 70Km's over the limit, be careful.

For the person who likes a spirited drive through some great parts of the country side, the 928 is in it's element for these cars were designed to have a high cruise speed. Most people will regard themselves as a  reasonable driver, at least always aware of what could  happen at any point in time at speed. This should keep you from doing things you should be doing on a race track! You become an instantly better driver when behind the wheel of a 928.

I have arranged our driving days in order of dates so just browse through the dates to find your favourite drive area. 




Front Engine, Rear Gearbox, Water Cooled 8 Cylinder,
50/50 Weight split