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All pictures courtesy Dan Lindsay 1977

By performance car standards, going by the 928's performance figures it is just a supercar. Being relatively small at only 14feet 7 inches long and 6 feet wide. It has quite a large engine with a modest tune and lots of refinement from it's maker. Named car of the year in 1978 it was the first and only sports car to have claimed that title.

There were 4 main variations to the original 928 theme:- The 928S, The 928S4, The 928GT, and the 928GTS. The last of these being the 928GTS, the genuine supercar with the 5.4L 32 Valve 350 BHP engine, top speed of approximately 274Km/Hr and could do the 0 - 100K/h in just over 5 seconds. Mid range performance was said to be phenomenal storming from 80Km/H to 130Km/H in under 4seconds. I suppose this all sounds good in a straight line but the true secret to these cars is their balance. With the gearbox mounted in the rear of the car along with it's battery. Rear suspension by the way of it's Weissach axle named after Porsche's research and development centre, you have a car that is very easy to drive at speed, it feels safe even in a violent manoeuvre, they seem to have eliminated the lift off throttle oversteer condition, to a point of course.

A total of approximately 61,054 units were produced over the 18 years of production world wide. About 1 third of these were sold to America having 305 dealers at the time. Strangely enough in 1981 there were only 2860 units produced for the world market, 73 made it to Australia.

"A car that should grow on the public and become more appealing with age". This was quoted from a Road & Track magazine article dated in 1978 from the cars chief stylist, Anatole Lapine. An American who was at AMC (American Motors Corporation) before he came over to Porsche.


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