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My car was built on the 01/05/1981 and delivered to Australia on the 10/11/1981 to John Newell Porsche Centre PTY LTD 83-97 Flinders Street Darlinghurst NSW.    I bought the car August 2006.

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It was kind of a tough decision to go ahead and purchase this car right at this point in my life, having to convince my young family that it wasn't just a limited spaced 2 seater sportscar was half the fun. But a practical sports/tourer would fit well with two young kids and two adults if we ever were to take a road trip together. We traded my wife's 1999 72,000Km Daewoo Lanos at a great price for an early eighties supercar that had been properly maintained and well looked after. The timing couldnt have been better to ditch a car that had terrific fuel economy right when fuel prices were at a record high ($1.45cents/L). Not that much has changed now, but it gave us some good bargaining power with the Lanos. I mean who would want to drive around in a thirsty old V8 engined sports car compared to a car that literally ran on the smell of an oily rag. It was a big deal back then, even the media would advertise these fuel thrifty cars like they were the only things on the market! The Porsche at a fraction of it's new car price was hard to walk away from.

As with keeping the car well maintained.....I figured that no matter what sort of car we ended up buying, it would still demand maintenance. In my view, if someone was to say to you, 'Hey our car is great, haven't had to do anything to it for years',  usually means it's stuffed. So in saying that the 928 isn't such a challenge to someone that likes to have a well maintained car. With a good mechanical aptitude, attention to detail and a keen interest in getting your hands dirty, how could I refuse Porsches Supercar. The other option is of course to have a dealer do the maintenance, or have your local 928 mechanic do the work at a reasonable price.

Let me quote you something from the Drivers Manual (1981 928).

'You have chosen a Porsche. This choice indicates a special class of driver. Fairness on the road, consideration, ability and a technical interest would be a characteristic of you.'

I intend on tackling most of the work that would be required to be done myself. Having an Aircraft Maintenance Engineering background certainly helped make my mind up about owning one of these cars. Here's a link about the Author for some not so 928 reading.


From the Drivers Manual I can see that I'm probably the 5th owner of the car, two owners in NSW the remainder in Victoria. The car has the original engine and trans still fitted and was maintained from new by Scuderia Veloce Motors and Hamiltons of South Yarra in Melbourne up until 1994, or 233,650Kilometers. During that time it looks like your standard Porsche service was carried out, the occasional breakdown and at least one time the engine and trans have been removed for major overhauls/repairs. From this point on right up to present it gets interesting. The car has now traveled over 319,000Kilometers, only 85,000Km's  or so in 13 years and it drives beautifully. All the Maintenance History is logged here for you to check out.