Porsche  928 V8

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


A look at Porsche's V8 Supercar like never before.

  New In 1977
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The automotive engineering statement of the century? No not just a new design that drew so much attention/criticism, but a car, that in my opinion screamed out 'catch me if you can' in every respect of it's design, layout, practicality and performance.

  Solely dedicated to the Australian Porsche 928. A place where you will find a wealth of information that I have gathered on these great cars as well as my own personal experiences over the time I have owned and driven my 928.
This site is a place where we can exchange information about our cars, and on occasion meet up to have a yarn about our experiences with the 'shark' either on the road or in the garage. 
  An Australian road test if you like, revisited for the V8 Supercar that had car manufacturers scrambling to catch up even decades after launch. A look at it's practical side as well as it's awesome performance characteristics.  

Excellent Instrument positioning

Wrap-around facia cocoons passengers with superb detail

  It's funny to read about today's high performance supercars, especially in the way that they are advertised, as a sports/touring GT. Even some of the latest exotic machine makers boast about things like having an instrument cluster and steering wheel assembly that is movable as a whole assembly, 'a tell tale sign of a sports car'. It's a nice reminder of an almost 35 year old design!

I, like many other enthusiasts would like to keep the 928 on the road, so by involving people with more coverage through this site, and all the latest on how to keep them on the road, you'll be happy you dropped in. I'm always updating this site as much as I update my 928, so check back soon to catch up on the latest write ups.

Front Engine, Rear Gearbox, Water Cooled 8 Cylinder,
50/50 Weight split